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A Look At Agricultural Printing, Is It The Future of Farming?

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A Look At Agricultural Printing, Is It The Future of Farming?
Photo Benedikt Froß

For a while now, digital printing has been revolutionizing the food world. We've seen 3D printed cookies and even pizza. But what if similar technology could be applied to farming, would a digitally printed farm prove more efficient than a conventional one?

That is the question Benedikt Groß is intent on answering. The London-based interactive designer has launched a new agricultural printing project that aims to make biogas farms less disruptive to the environment. The project came about as a way to modernize farming and improve the connectivity of flora and fauna, as well as increase biodiversity on farms.

For the pilot, Grob designed a plot of land in southern Germany using GPS coordinates a tractor driver could follow while plowing and planting the field. Eighty five percent of the land was dedicated to oats while the remaining 15 percent was used to grow different varieties of herbs and flowers.

Harvest will be taking place at the end of the month so the verdict is still out on how the project helps efficiency. If you're curious about agricultural printing, the video below shows you how it works:

Via Design Boom

  • rudolphardito said on

    If such farms are made then they make a very beautiful site.Hope it will be implemented.
    Peninsula Aventura FL

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