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African Women: The New Face of Coffee

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African Women: The New Face of Coffee
Photo Karen Castillo Farfán/NPR

Some people can't start their day without coffee. A cup of joe is energizing, for sure, but for the women of Africa the humble coffee berry has a whole other meaning.

About 70 percent of maintenance and harvesting work on family-owned coffee farms in Africa is done by females, according to NPR. But although the women share the bulk of the work, they don't own land or have financial control.

In a time where consumer interest in gourmet coffee has grown, the issues these African women face matter. Currently, the International Women's Coffee Alliance is trying to improve the situation by giving women resources for training and networking.

NPR has profiled four African women who are reshaping the coffee landscape. It's a great read that puts a face to a product most of us enjoy and may take for granted. We suggest you grab yourself a steamy mug of your favorite brew, relax and enjoy the full article.

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