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Adrià Unveils Bullipedia at University of Barcelona

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Adrià Unveils Bullipedia at University of Barcelona
Photo University of Barcelona

Ferran Adrià presented his BulliPedia project, an online gastro-encyclopedia, at the University of Barcelona earlier this week.

Adrià, who holds an honorary doctorate from the school, unveiled his BulliPedia before journalists and cooking school representatives. The legendary chef also discussed the UB-Bullipedia Project, a collaboration between The El Bulli Foundation and the University of Barcelona.

Agreed upon last fall, the UB-Bullipedia Project is an academic tool that will offer support and counseling in all aspects of the BulliPedia. The project is run by academic experts in a range of fields including nutrition, botany, food safety, history, technology and  aquaculture. The offices are located at UB's Food and Nutrition Torribera Campus, according to a university press release.

''UB participation in this innovative project is the management of UB-Bullipedia Unit, which will give academic counseling and create synergies among university experts on different fields of knowledge and the team of El Bulli Foundation, as well as the appointment of its academic coordinator,'' said Dídac Ramírez, the university's rector.

Adrià explained that the BulliPedia ''is a unique project all over the world which will enable to disseminate all the knowledge generated by El Bulli Foundation, but also to create new one.''

The BulliPedia was conceived as an online culinary encyclopedia to help both professional and home cooks learn every single aspect of cooking including knowledge of ingredients, modern techniques or history. 

A version on the BulliPedia is already live and chefs like Heston Blumenthal and Grant Achatz have been invited to test it out and provide feedback. Adrià had previously hoped to have it up and running by the end of 2014 but Spanish newspaper El Pais reports the new launch date is actually 2016.

Editor's Note: On March 21st this article was updated to include new details of the BulliPedia's launch date.

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