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Adria Explains The elBulli Foundation

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Adria Explains The elBulli Foundation

Ferran Adria has spoken about his extensive elBulli foundation project with Tim Hayward from The Financial Times.

The chef welcomed the reporter to his office in Barcelona where, surrounded by a vast archive of material, him and his team are slowly building what has to be one of the most ambitious culinary projects ever undertaken.

We have spoken at length about the chef's plans for an elBulli Foundation on FDL but it's only recently that a solid plan of what to expect has started to emerge.

Adria shows Hayward his extensive collections of recipes, drawings, pictures - even a huge collection of old chef whites.

The piece is yet another glimpse of what Adria is slowly but surely building behind the closed doors of his high-rise office in Barcelona.

Here's a video that explains the three key plans for the foundation.


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