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Adrià, Atala and Other Chefs Discussed 'Seeds and biodiversity' at G11

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Adrià, Atala and Other Chefs Discussed 'Seeds and biodiversity' at G11
Photo Basque Culinary Center

The star-studded G11 chef summit which is presided by Ferran Adrià has concluded in New York. Participanting chefs included Alex Atala, Gaston Acurio and Michael Bras who convened to discuss this year's theme Seeds: Cultivating the Future of Flavor

While seeds themselves are tiny, they are pivotal in producing everything we eat. This fact was not lost on the chefs who discussed alternatives to the current status quo. Dan Barber, who hosted the event at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, welcomed the crowd by saying: "As chefs, we are accustomed to thinking that we have only two options: the traditional or Monsanto. But there is another way." 

More than 120 people participated in the summit including chefs, farmers, seed 'breeders,' students, legislators and journalists. Also present was researcher and author Harold McGee.

The topic of 'breeders' dominated the scene with chefs emphasizing how they will shape the future of gastronomy. Acurio said: "If you have never heard of the breeders, chefs in the world, search for them. There are, in their centers of agricultural innovation on their campuses, in their fields, valleys, their homelands. Recognize their role, their knowledge, their delivery is something new and magical. One more tool for sustainable progress of those who for centuries have preserved our biodiversity. "

Previously known as G9, the summit celebrated the induction of two new members: Mexico's Enrique Olvera and Joan Roca from the world's best restaurant El Celler de Can Roca. The chefs join existing members Yukkio Hattori, Massimo Bottura, René Redzepi and Heston Blumenthal.

This was the 4th annual summit meeting of the advisory board of the Basque Culinary Center.

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