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Customer Karma Strikes at Just the Right Moment

By FDL on

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Customer Karma Strikes at Just the Right Moment

Terrible customers, we’ve all dealt with them. We recently highlighted a website that allows restaurant staff to vent about bad customer situations but thanks to good old smart phones, it’s often caught for us all to see.

The video below shows an instant karmic smack in the face as a women in America berates her servers for serving her green instead of red peppers.

The dish she ordered, we’re not sure exactly what it was, is usually served with green but the customer says she asked for red ones because, as she put it: “my kids don’t eat green things”.

She screams at the two servers, tells them they should speak better english and refuses to accept another dish with red peppers because it will take 15 minutes to prepare.

The magic, for us at least, happens at the end when she storms out of the store - we won’t spoil it, just watch for yourself.

She’s bad, but she still doesn’t upset us as much as the women who asked Jiro Ono to cook her some hot sushi.

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