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8 Food Trends Taking Over American Restaurants

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8 Food Trends Taking Over American Restaurants

It seems bacon is still standing strong with its cult like status as Business Insider just picked it as one of eight food trends currently taking over American restaurants.

Attending the International Franchise Expo, the publication asked many of the business owners at the event exactly which food trends they think will have big impact on the food industry in America.

Some are about the way in which food businesses will work in the future, some are about specific styles of cuisine and some are also about specific ingredients, like the aforementioned bacon.

Food franchises may not be seen as the world’s biggest trendsetters but it’s true that if they decide to get behind an idea, it’s chances of success increases massively.

Below you can see the list of trends with more details about each one on Business Insider.

Transparent Food Prep

Single Ingredient Concepts 

Grab-and-Go Eating

Asian Food

Health Regulation



Weird Innovation

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