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The $500 Truffle Packed Burger

By FDL on

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The $500 Truffle Packed Burger

It seems that one-upmanship in the burger world is just one of those things we just have to put up with - whether they're being coated in foie gras and placed brioche baked by angels or made only of the finest marbled wagyu beef - chefs will always try to out do each other when it comes to burgers.

Step up Mirko Paderno of the Olverio restaurant at the Avalon Hotel in LA. He has created the Tartufo burger that comes in at a startling $500.

Why the astronomical price tag? The burger comes packed with two ounces of fresh white truffle on top of twelve ounce of kobe beef and finished with truffle cheese.

Anyone wanting to try the burger must make sure they pre-order it 48 hours in advance.

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