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5 Food Features on the New iphone 5

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5 Food Features on the New iphone 5

The world tuned in yet again yesterday for yet another of Apple's highly anticipated announcements. This time the tech savvy geeks of the world were waiting to hear about iphone 5 and what apple would be doing with their highly successful phone line.

Lighter, thinner, bigger and faster were the main factors of Tim Cook's announcement - but what does the Iphone 5 mean for food lovers? Here's a look at the top 5 food features to look out for in the new iPhone.

Better Camera
The improvements to the iPhone's already solid camera function are the most obvious feature for food lovers.

Although the new camera will remain at 8mp it will now feature an all night light sensor that should make taking pictures in dark lit restaurants even easier. The camera will work 40% faster in actually taking shots - meaning that food doesn't have to sit going cold any longer than required.

Then there's the panoramic feature on the new iphone - this will allow people to take 240 degrees panoramic shots by simply moving the lens in a smooth motion across the image you want to capture - perfect for those jaw dropping restaurant views around the world.

Researching and Reserving Restaurants
Updates to apples voice recognition service Siri means users in America will now be able to book a restaurant directly through Siri. No calls, waiting in queues or trying to navigate clumsy online booking forms - just hold the phone up and ask Siri to book you a table and it's done.

The restaurant reviews and listings are provided by Yelp with the ability to book the restaurant directly through Siri supported by the open table app.

More Power
Apple's new A6 processor means the iphone 5 is two times faster than the iphone 4S with A5 processors. It hard to say exactly what developments "this will lead to as app developers design software that uses the extra power but initially it means faster processing of images when editing, faster rendering of video when using imovie and all round faster performance when using the device. If you cover events, live blog or like to produce movies on the phone then the extra power will certainly be a benefit.

Faster Wireless and 4G Connection
There's a number of benefits to the iphone's new wi-fi connection and 4gLTE speeds but  what both these developments mean is that the phone can upload and download much faster both on wi-fi and on-the-go.

The 4g network, once up and running, should mean bulk uploading of pictures from the phone and even live streaming from events are both achievable without the need to frantically find some wi-fi.

Larger Screen
One of the most obvious changes in the new iphone is the bigger screen. It's around 1 inch bigger than the previous 4S model and that can only be a good thing for showing off those wonderful pictures, sending tweets, updating blogs and generally being a multi media food loving tech giant on the web.

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