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The Best April Fool's Food Pranks

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The Best April Fool's Food Pranks
Photo Great British Chefs

April Fool’s is here and in the usual fashion there’s already been number of food stories that are a little too suspicious to be true. The first of these was the announcement from Rene Redzepi that he would move Noma to Japan for two months in 2015 and that Heston Blumenthal would be taking his Fat Duck restaurant to Australia for 6 months, also in 2015. Both of the above turned out to be true but some of the stories circulating today are just too foolish to be true.

The Michelin Dog Restaurant 

Great British chefs have been tweeting out personal invitations for people too visit the first ever fine dining restaurant for dogs. It’s apparently going to open inside Winslow’s in Bristol and will be the latest venture of the Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton.

On top of recipes for the doggie dishes such as, pork jus jelly with apple and shortbread ‘dog biscuits’, there’s funny quotes from Eggleton, such as: “Being a dog owner myself, I know just how bad the dining options can be. Humans don’t tolerate eating things out of cans so why should dogs? I’ve been working round the clock with my team of chefs to come up with a menu that is modern but remains true to canine tastes – Textures of Tripe being a case in point. Each dish has been tested on my dog (Winslow) and his face after he eats tells me the restaurant will be a success. Why not?”

Surely an April Fool’s

Meat Milk Shakes 

Panda Express are claiming to have launched a line of meat milkshakes that contain some rather odd ingredient pairings. The first of these is a broccoli and beef shake and the second is orange and chicken. The story is being reported online and some taste test reports suggest they have actually forced these odd combinations upon the public.

The sort of story you hope is an April Fool’s.

Royal Train Sold to France 

The Daily Mail have a story that the Royal Train carriage - reserved for the Queen of England - will begin to operate a European tourist service. The story shows beautiful artistic drawings of what the carriages would like on board the Royal locomotives, claiming a French billionaire has purchased the train to launch the service.

They report the train will be fitted with luxury stores and a restaurant serving modern menus inspired by Auguste Escoffier with food prepared by an unnamed Michelin-starred chef.

The English selling their Royal carriage to the French? Must be April Fool’s.

Pasta Trees

However imaginative the above idea seems to be, none of them come close to the BBC’s April Fool’s prank back in 1957. Using their flagship investigative journalism programme Panorama, the broadcaster convinced a large percentage of the British population that spaghetti grew on trees.

The elaborate prank even included video footage of a Swiss family plucking pasta directly from trees. The clip prompted a huge list of complaints and the odd few people who asked how they could plant their very own pasta tree at home.

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