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3D Meat Printing: The Future of Meat?

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3D Meat Printing: The Future of Meat?
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The next time you bite into a piece of meat it may not have come from animal at all. Instead, you may be eating meat that came from a 3D printer. How can this be? It's all due in part to  Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal.

Mr. Thiel is a big proponent of 3D meat printing. According to Cnet, he has donated up to $350,000 in grant money through his philantrophic organization to Modern Meadow, a Missouri-based start up dedicated to ''applying latest advances in tissue engineering to create meat and leather without the need to raise, slaugther and transport animals.''

Modern Meadow expects to provide the leather and meat industry with printed meat that resembles the real thing. Ideally, this would lower costs and use of land, water, chemicals and fossil fuels.

But don't expect printed pork chops or steaks anytime soon. Modern Meadow is in the early stages of 3D meat printing. The company's short-term goal? Printing a one-inch piece of meat.

Via Cnet

At scale, this enables lower costs and lower inputs of land, water, chemicals and fossil fuels. Our customers are first the leather industry (fashion, furniture, etc.) then the food industry with products that have near universal global consumer demand.

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