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Michelin Star Chef Uses 3D Food Printing For Fine Dining

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Michelin Star Chef Uses 3D Food Printing For Fine Dining
Photo Courtesy of BBC

Whilst opinions on deploying 3D Food Printing in fine dining remain divided, Spanish chef Paco Perez has shown that 3D food printing machines are capable of achieving intricate plating concepts 'too complicated to produce by hand'. 

Inviting the BBC into the kitchen of his Michelin starred restaurant La Enoteca at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona Perez highlights what 3D printing using Foodini looks like on a plate.

Firstly, using the machine to produce a complicated flower like design out of seafood puree he produces a pattern resembling sea coral straight onto the plate (photo below).

Photo: Courtesy of BBC

Secondly, he places caviar, sea-urchins, hollandaise sauce, egg, and a "foam" of carrot on top of the design, by hand, transporting the end diner to the depths of the ocean both visually and on the palette.

In a cross over between science, technology, art and food Perez has little worries over chefs one day competing with machines, and tells the BBC "Creativity is shaped by what technology can do."

Chef Perez also dismisses suggestions that technology stifles creativity in the kitchen: "In its day, traditional food was the avant garde. The people who cooked it would use a blender, or a microwave, an oven, a heat lamp…You see, tradition is innovation - and always has been. In moving forwards, technology will always be present."  

It remains to be seen whether 3D food printing will become the new molecular gastronomy of fine dining, 3D food printing machines are already commercially available and we wait to see if they become commonplace in professional kitchens.

via BBC

Modernist Cuisine is also a fan of 3D printing. See how they constructed the Palace of Versailles.

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