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The Indecent 'Sandwich' Proposal

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The Indecent 'Sandwich' Proposal

When Stephanie Smith's boyfriend Eric Schulte told her she was 300 sandwiches away from a wedding proposal - rather than stick a banquette where the sun don't shine - she decided to get into the kitchen and start spreading.

This happened in June and since then she's made her rather lucky boyfriend one sandwich a day - keeping a record of her creative snacks on her blog 300 Sandwiches.

You may think that most women would laugh off such a crazy request but Stephanie is happy to work for her wedding and has currently created 177 sandwiches ranging from Mortadella and Ricotta Cheese on Focaccia to classic ham and cheese in a roll.

Every sandwich on the blog comes with a recipe and an insight into the couples relationship and from some posts it seems Eric is still happy to help with the dishes, cook plenty of meals and even take out the trash, phew.

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