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25 Innovative Restaurants and Bars in America

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25 Innovative Restaurants and Bars in America
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In this post dining out isn’t just about food. Atmosphere, culinary techniques and innovation all play a part of the restaurant experience. That's why it's interesting to see who made Zagat’s list of the 25 Innovative Restaurants and Bars Across America.

After scouring 10 U.S. cities for chefs, mixologists, pastry shops and supper clubs at the forefront of innovation, the team at Zagat selected dining spots with interesting menus and drinks, as well as ground-breaking ticketing systems and avant-garde cooking techniques.

San Francisco’s TBD made the number one spot on the list. TBD has only been up and running for two months but it has already enchanted diners with its innovative menu featuring triangles instead of prices. It’s a unique way of simplifying the restaurant’s ever changing menu. 

Sushi Yasuda in New York City ranked second for its fresh business model that gives wait staff a living wage - making tips unnecessary. Boston’s Taranta came in third on the list for its unconventional garnishes of QR codes that diners can scan with a smartphone to trace the origin of ingredients uses in the dish.

Chicago’s Senza, which is a gluten-free restaurant, and José Andrés’ Barmini in Washington, DC round out the top five.

It’s worth mentioning that Grant Achatz’s Next also made the cut for its innovative ticketing system and evolving menu. Bean-to-bar chocolate shop Chocovivo in Los Angeles and Cloud 10 Creamery are the two dessert spots featured on the list.

To see where else you should eat this year, check out the full list of the 25 Innovative Restaurants and Bars Across America: 

1. TBD, San Francisco
2. Sushi Yasuda, NYC
3. Taranta, Boston
4. Senza, Chicago
5. Barmini, Washington, DC
6. Oxheart, Houston
7. Kitchen LTO, Dallas
8. City Grit, NYC
9. Next, Chicago
10. Gather, Boston
11. Chocovivo, Los Angeles
12. Agrodolce, Seattle
13. Drogerie Miami, Miami
14. Cloud 10 Creamery, Houston
15. Atelier Crenn, San Francisco
16. BlackSalt, Washington, DC
17. Tria Taproom, Philadelphia
18. Lenoir, Austin
19. Dinner Lab, Miami
20. True Food Kitchen, Dallas
21. Avance, Philadelphia
22. Restaurant Jezebel, Austin
23. Westward, Seattle
24. N/Naka, Los Angeles
25. Gunshow, Atlanta

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