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10K Instagram Followers = 1 Free Night at a 5 Star Hotel

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10K Instagram Followers = 1 Free Night at a 5 Star Hotel

We love Instagram at FDL and it's safe to say that one of the largest shared style of pictures on the site has to be those taken at the dinner table. Food snaps and food hashtags are all over Instagram and our very own #FDLmoment has recieved over 1000 amazing food pictures.

As much as we like to snap, style and share we unfortunately don't qualify for a free room at this 5 star hotel in Syndey and that's because, again unfortunately, we don't have 10,000 instagram followers or over.

The 1888 Hotel in Sydney is offering any visitor with 10,000 Instagram followers or over a free room worth $150 at their hotel.

It's a great marketing ploy and the company are obviously hoping that those with the correct number of followers will share pictures with their fans, spreading the social word about their venue which has been designed with Instgram snappers in mind.

Named after the year Kodak released their first ever box camera all the rooms in the hotel have been decorated to encourage people to take pictures. Some rooms even have Instagram pictures on the wall and there's a specific place for taking selfies - all we need now is 10,000 followers and we'll see you all for some happy snapping in Sydney.

If you fancy building your following and want to learn about taking better mobile food snaps take a look at this guide to mobile food photography from our resident FDL snapper Kirsten Alana.

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