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15 Examples of #Comfortfood

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15 Examples of #Comfortfood

In most parts of the world autumn brings rain and the first chilly days. Whether snuggled up at home, dining out at a restaurant or joining the family for a traditional Sunday lunch, “comfort food” is the protagonist of this new-found intimacy. These ever popular piping hot dishes that granny used to make, passed down from mother to daughter, make us feel at home even when we are thousands of kilometres away. Foods that reassure and console also help combat stress. Scientific research confirms that a particular recipe or the recollection of flavours and aromas from our past contribute to conferring a sensation of wellbeing. Besides, these dishes, so closely associated with tradition and local cuisine, can vary considerably from one part of the world to another. In brief, according to the social networks, November is the time for #comfortfood.

Gomoku chahan, Japanese fried rice, is a classical remedy for those searching solace from food:

Stormy Saturdays? Then warm them up with a dish of ham and pea soup:

The 10 best #comfortfoods to cook in November?

They need to be warming but, most of all, simply delicious: from Maple Cheesecake with Charred Pears to Tuscan ribollita (a thick Tuscan vegetable soup), while taking time off to sip a home-made persimmon margarita (yes, there is a margarita for each season!) and do justice to the pumpkin with Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese:

An alternative vegetable dish: quinoa and vegetables make a great #comfortfood:


Una foto pubblicata da Michelle Palazzolo (King) (@mrspalazzolo) in data:

Even top chefs have their repertoire of #comfortfoods: simple traditional dishes such as chilli con carne or the typical roast chicken and potatoes served for Sunday lunch…

It is not surprising, therefore, that starred chef Jamie Oliver has published a #comfortfood cookery book that inspires cooks all over the world to get cracking in the kitchen. An idea for a tempting sweet? Home-made profiteroles!

Even a hamburger can become a #comfortfood, and here is the proof (video) on Snapchat:

As we approach #thanksgiving day: here is a #comfortfood for using up leftovers and turning them into an authentic gourmet dish:

From Instagram. Candlelight, a warming, crackling fire and a portion of Lemon muffin dessert waiting to be enjoyed…


Una foto pubblicata da @tinyrecovery in data:

Jacket potatoes and beans: #comfortfood icons from Britain

More British icons: sausages

Just to show how often the simplest things are also the ones we love most (let’s talk about it):

Bread pudding:

Pasta, one of the world’s best loved #comfortfoods:


Fettuccine Alfredo Italian comfort food! Come and try some today! #comfortfood #prestonstreet #ottawafoodies #ottawa

Una foto pubblicata da Allegro Ristorante (@allegro_ristorante) in data:

One of the latest covers of the New Yorker weekly magazine dedicated to #comfortfood:

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