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Yelp Reviewers to Get Their Own TV Show

By FDL on

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Yelp Reviewers to Get Their Own TV Show

Yelpers are set to get their own television show after Food Network announced they will team up with the online review site to produce a new series.

Called 12 Hungry Yelpers, there’s little info on what the show will look like once on air but the basic synopsis seems to suggest that each episode will focus on a specific restaurant, using Yelp reviews of the place to address problems within the business.

Eater reports that the host will be ex-Master Chef finalist Monti Carlo, but there’s little info on when it will launch and which restaurants will feature.

The question is, do Yelpers really need their own show? Already the bane of the chefs’ lives everywhere, this show will surely encourage the snarly side of online reviews.

A TV show packed with Yelpers and their opinions only legitimises the online reviewers and what they post, something that’s sure to upset chefs. Think ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ but instead of Ramsay you get Royston, an ‘Uber Yelper’ with discerning taste, 1,000 + reviews and a gold reviewer badge. Ok, we admit it, it’s probably going to be fun to watch.

Just don’t tell this chef in Denver who is fighting his own personal war with Yelpers.

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