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Le Chef Lists 100 of The Best Chefs in the World

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Le Chef Lists 100 of The Best Chefs in the World

A list of the 100 Best Chefs in the World has been created by the French magazine Le Chef. The magazine polled over 500 two-to-three Michelin starred chefs around the world and asked them each to provide five names of chefs they thought represented the best of the cooking profession and which chefs and restaurants they would like to see on a list of the 100 best in the world.

Paul Bocuse - who was celebrated at his bi-annual Bocuse d’Or cooking competition this week - features in the top ten section of the list alongside five other French chefs: Pierre Gagnaire, Michel Bras, Eric Frechon, Alain Ducasse and Yannick Alleno.

Two chefs in the the top ten come from the USA: Daniel Humm and Thomas Keller - and the final two are made up by Spain with Joan Roca and Japan with chef Seiji Yamamoto.

In the top 50 section of the list features a great mix of chefs from all over the world: René Redzepi in Denmark, Enrico Crippa and Massimo Bottura in Italy, Andreas Caminada from Switzerland to name just a few.

Below is a list of the top ten chefs and their nominated restaurants, in no particular order, as well the following 40 chefs and restaurants. You can see the whole list of 100 best chefs in the world broken down by top 10, Top 50 and Top 100 on the Le Chef site.

Best chefs in the world - top 10

Pierre Gagnaire, Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire - France
Paul Bocuse - Restaurant Paul Bocuse - France
Joan Roca - El Celler de Can Roca - Spain
Thomas Keller - Per Se - USA
Alain Ducasse - Louis XV - Monaco
Michel Bras - Restaurant Michel Bras - France
Eric Frechon - Epicure - France
Yannick Alleno - Ledoyen - France
Seiji Yamamoto - Nihon Ryori Ryugin - Japan
Daniel Humm - Eleven Madison Park - USA

Best chefs in the world - top 50

Emmanuel Renaut, Flocons de Sel - France
Martin Beratesagui, Restaurant Martin Beratesagui - Spain
Harald Wohlfahrt, Schwarzwaldstube - Germany
Joel Robuchon, l'Atelier de Joel Robuchon - France
Benoit Violier, Hotel De Ville Crissier - Swizterland
Michel Troisgros, Restaurant Troisgros - France
Alain Passard, L'Arpege - France
Christian Bau, Victor's Gourmet - Germany
Joachim Wissler, Vendome - Germany
Arnaud Donckele, Residence De La Pinede - France
René Redzepi, Noma - Denmark
Gert De Mangeleer, Hertog Jan - Belgium
Christian Jurgens, Uberfahrt - Germany
Peter Goossens, Hof Van Cleve - Belgium
Gerald Passedat, Le Petit Nice - France
Jiro Ono, Jiro Honten - Japan
Pascal Barbot, L'Astrance - France
Heston Blumenthal, The Fat Duck - UK
Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana - Italy
Regis Marcon, Restaurant Regis et Jacques Marcon - France
Paul Pairet, Ultraviolet - China
Gilles Goujon, Auberge Du Vieux Puits - France
Enrico Crippa, Piazza Duomo - Italy
Guy Savoy, Restaurant Guy Savoi - France
Tetsuya Wakuda, Tetsuya's - Australia
Daniel Boulud, Restaurant Daniel Boulud - USA
Jean-François Piege, Restaurant J.-F. Piege - France
Sven Elverfeld, Aqua - Germany
Massimiliano Alajmo, Le Calandre - Italy
Jonnie Boer, De LIbrije - The Netherlands
Nadia Santini, Dal Pescatore - Italy
Eric Pras, Maison Lameloise - France
Enrico Cerea, Da Vittorio - Italy
Grant Achatz, Alinea - USA
Marc Haeberlin, Auberge De L'Ill - France
Andoni Luis Aduriz, Mugaritz - Spain
Anne-Sophie Pic, Maison Pic - France
Jacob Jan, Boerma De Leest - The Netherlands
Andreas Caminada, Schauenstein Schloss - Switzerland
Corey Lee, Benu - USA

  • FineDiningLovers Team said on

    Hello AC3JC, thanks for your comment. We were contacted by Gason Acurio on the weekend who explained that he is the second Peruvian chef on the list.
    Roberto Acuso is a misspelling of his name.

  • ac3jc said on

    who is Roberto Acuso? I dont think this person exists. Im Peruvian and I and my colleagues have never heard of this person.

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