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10 Germ Hotspots In Restaurants

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10 Germ Hotspots In Restaurants
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Have you ever wondered what the most germ-filled places in a restaurant are? Well, ABC News correspondent Elisabeth Leamy went undercover to find out.

Leamy visited 10 restaurants in three states and took random swabs of spots we normally come in touch with. Her samples were analized by a team at the New York University Microbiology Department lab.

Which are the biggest culprits? You'll be more than surprised to know the bathroom isn't the biggest germ threat.  Big offenders included lemon wedges, salt and pepper shakers and menus.

How did they all rate? Read below to find out more.

Top Germ Hotspots

10. Salad Bar Thongs

9. Ketchup Bottles

8. Bathroom Faucets

7. Bathroom Doorknobs

6. Rims of Glasses

Get the full list of the top five offenders via ABC News.

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