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Yuzu Jelly Recipe by Nuno Mendes

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Yuzu Jelly Recipe by Nuno Mendes
Photo Great British Chefs

The team over at the Great British Chefs have posted a great recipe for Yuzu jelly by the Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes.

Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit with a tangy flavor and these jellies promise to pack a refreshing flavor.

They're made to be served as petit fours and the recipe, although containing some uncommon ingredients, is really simple to follow.

If you want to have a go at making these beautiful looking Yuzu Jellies by Nuno Mendes you'll need a blender, thermometer and a baking parchment. And of course the recipe which can be on the Great British Chefs website.

We hope you enjoy making this Best of The Blogs.

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