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2 Friends Try to Finish the World's Hottest Curry

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2 Friends Try to Finish the World's Hottest Curry
Photo BuzzFeed/YouTube

When great friends get together they can often egg each other on to do stupid things, and it doesn't get much stupider than tucking in to the world's hottest curry.

In the video below from Buzzfeed we watch two longtime friends, as they visit an Indian restaurant in New York that reportedly serves the world's hottest curry: a phaal made with the devatastingly hot Carolina Reaper pepper, which comes in at 2.2 million on the Scoville scale. The dish is so ferocious, the chef has to wear a gasmask when preparing it.

The two pals seem to start off quite well, but the peppers soon start to work their magic and fun it is not. Then of course, there are the after effects. 

Watch the video below. Would you give this curry a try? Let us know over on our Facebook page

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