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The Interactive Periodic Table of Chilli

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The Interactive Periodic Table of Chilli

It’s seems that almost every month we’re told a new chilli has been discovered that offers the world’s hottest kick - there are so many it’s actually getting hard to keep up with the growing number of scovilles (the formula used to measure a chilli’s heat).

If you’re a heat hunter and someone who prides them self on being able to handle heat then this interactive periodic table of the world’s hottest chillies is just for you.

Created by Appliance City, the interactive infographic allows people to easily navigate their way through the world of chilli with different information given on each one - some even link to videos showing crazy people taste testing the little bombs of heat.

There’s also 12 great chilli recipes, a look at some important figures in the world of chill and an interactive map on where in the world you can buy spur hot chilli.

Click on the image below to view and here's a great video explaining how the heat in chili actually works. 

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