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The World Sausage Guide

By FDL on

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The World Sausage Guide

Sausages come in all.... well ok, they're usually the same shape but the sizes do vary and the the variation of sausage fillings around the world really is one of the wonderful examples of how different people from different parts of the world go about what is essentially the same job.

From Chorizo to Hot Dog, Brockwurst to Cumberland - the world of sausage is rich and diverse and what better way to grab a taste of a new country than chewing down on a freshly cooked juicy sausage.

This infographic created by Pazenhamafra for sets put a map of sausages around the world. It's a great education on just how diverse the sausage world is and is sure to offer up some interesting variations you're yet to hear of, like the Sai Va from Thailand.

Click on the image to see a larger version.


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