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World's Most Expensive Coffee, Now Available At Harrods

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World's Most Expensive Coffee, Now Available At Harrods
Photo Luxury Launches

Luxury department store Harrods is currently selling the world's most expensive coffee. The rare coffee is called Terra Nera and is produced in a very unique way.

This exquisite blend of 100% Arabica beans originates in Peru. It is there, along the Andes Mountains, where the coffee berries are excreted by civet palm cats then dried and processed. 

The coffee is said to have flavors of bitter cocoa, hazelnuts and dry leather. Just the thing for a gourmet coffee lover. An extra treat? The coffee comes in ''solid Britannia sterling silver and 24-carat gold-plated sack'' which are handcrafted and engraved.

The burning question is, how much does this extraordinary coffee cost? Anywhere from $225 to $11,000.

Via Haute Living

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