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Infographic: A Cheat Sheet To 6 World Foods

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Infographic: A Cheat Sheet To 6 World Foods

Cracking the code to different world foods just became easier thanks to this nifty infographic highlighting six popular cuisines and their core ingredients.

Developed by Lakeshore Convention Center, this visual guide guides you through the basics of Thai, French, Italian, Spanish, Indian and Mexican cuisines. You'll learn which ingredients are responsible for the flavors you love and the cooking techniques involved in preparing famous dishes like butter chicken, paella and beef burgundy.

It's also interesting to note how different countries use the same ingredients to achieve incredibly distinct - and tasty - results. For instance, cilantro makes its way into Thai and Mexican cuisines yet their native dishes are a world apart.

Take a look below and if you get a craving for these world foods swing by our Recipes section for some inspiration.


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