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12 Snacks For Watching The World Cup

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12 Snacks For Watching The World Cup

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is finally here! Do you know what you're going to eat as you root for your favorite team? We've rounded up a few of our favorite snacks that pay homage to the different cultures congregating in Sao Paulo at the moment. The players all have their unique supersititions and food demands so we thought it'd be fun to pair snacks according to the country you are rooting for. While it's virtually impossible to list recipes from all competing countries, here are some popular international dishes you can feast on while cheering your team's next goal.

If you are rooting for Brazil...

Brazil has plenty of delicious street foods to choose from so it's hard to pick just one. We recommend a one-pot dish like Brazilian shrimp stew - it's  comforting, easy to put together and stays warm in the crockpot. 

If you are rooting for Italy...

It's really a toss up between a thick slice of bruschetta or homemade pizza. There's plenty more to choose from when it comes to Italian cuisine but these two carb-infused treats are big crowd pleasers. We love this pizza with creamy cheese, red onions and fresh bail. Find more Italian recipes here.

If you are rooting for China...

Hands down the one appetizer everyone will be asking for is spring rolls. Pair these crispy wonders with a nice dipping sauce and you'll have yourself a winning play. You could also whip up a party-friendly chicken and shrimp stir-fry with noodles. Find more Chinese recipes here.

If you are rooting for Germany...

Nothing but currywurst, Germany's most popular street food, will do when cheering for their national team. Here's the recipe for making incredible currywurst sauce to pour over a sliced bratwurst. Be sure to sop it all up with a thick slice of bread.

If you are rooting for Mexico...

Guacamole and chips are an old standby but give these meat-filled empanadas a try - they make us week in the knees and we bet you'll love them too.  For a gourmet snack, try making mango and brie quesadillas or ceviche for the gang. Find more Mexican recipes here.

If you are rooting for Argentina...

Feast on these oven baked short ribs with chimichurri sauce while you wait for your Lionel Messi's next goal. Serve with a glass of Argentinean malbec for the ultimate World Cup indulgence. Find more Central/South American recipes here.

If you are rooting for Australia...

Try a recipe from Melbourne chef Ben Shewry, who is known for creating stunning dishes with native ingredients. For a gourmet snack, try his recipe for Australian crayfish (marron) with bresaola. Find more Australian recipes here.

Don't see your home country listed? Find more amazing recipes form around the world here.

Pictured up top: sweet potato chips

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