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13 Guides to Turn You into a Culinary Globe Trotter

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13 Guides to Turn You into a Culinary Globe Trotter
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Navigate the globe through world cuisine and you open the door to an exciting array of flavours, ingredients and cooking techniques.

Next time you take a trip overseas or want to try some new world cuisine on your own doorstop equip yourself with these 13 international food guides.

We will take you on a journey around the culinary globe, stretching from breakfast time to exploring more about much loved Italian and Chinese cuisines, and an evening spent enjoying Philippine street food. 

Remember to save room for dessert with a choice of over 30 sweet treats on offer!

1. 17 Breakfasts From Around the World

What better way to start the day than with a good breakfast? While many nations agree, what's on the morning menu differs depending on the country. Take your pick from U.S style pancakes to a savoury Japanese breakfast. What's your favourite way to start the day?

2. 7 Styles of Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is rich and complex with huge regional variations, from bold and spicy Sichuan to sweet Cantonese cuisine. So branch out of your usual favourite dishes and explore what the rest of the country has to offer with this handy guide.

3. Popular Mexican Foods

Brush up on Mexican Cuisine and some popular dishes with this handy infographic, which not only introduces the delicious spread of Mexican dishes, but how to make them.

4. 50 Iconic Turkish Foods

If you're planning on a holiday to Turkey there's a wonderful world of cuisine awaiting you. Alongside kebabs and kofta there's a whole array of cuisine to discover, from stews to lamb trotter soup.

5. 34 Must Try Filipino Street Foods

Philippine cuisine is becoming increasingly popular and it's well worth looking for both the exotic and more daring dishes on the menu. See what you've been missing out on below. And if you like the look of this, take a tour with Asia's Best Female Chef Magarita Fores, as she further explores the food of her heritage.

6. Spicy Thai Cuisine Food Map

Achieving that delicious balance between sweet, sour and salty, Thai food has made quite a name for itself across the world. Back in Thailand there are several regional variations when it comes to fieriness. See where the chillies are most liberally added in this useful regional guide.

7. 25 British Foods for Outdoor Dining

Come rain or shine, there's nothing quite like the promise of summer to encourage Brits to dine outdoors. Fortunately, there are a number of foods perfectly suited to the occasion. From sipping on Pimms and snacking on strawberries during Wimbledon tennis week, to enjoying a pork pie or scotch egg on a picnic.

8. Italy's Regional Foods

Discover one of the world's favourite foods by region and see that there is so much more to this country than the much loved pizza and pasta. For a more in-depth look at traditional food in the top Italian tourist destination of Tuscany, take a look at our Top 10 Tuscan foods.

9. How People Eat Fries Around the World

Potato fries are one of the simplest, yet best loved snack foods and translate onto dishes across the world. The difference is the national twist on how they are served – from curry sauce to ketchup, how do you enjoy yours?

10. 30 Iconic Dishes from Around the World

Some dishes just manage to encapsulate the flavour of a place and become synonymous with a country or city worldwide. While most dishes are well known, like haggis and moules-frites, but what about bunny chow and pelmeni?

11. 37 Iconic Breads from Around the World

Perhaps the most symbolic and ancient of all the food groups is bread. It's also a great way of experiencing the food culture and ancestory of a country. Apart from the obvious French baguette and soft pillowy Indian naan, there is quite literally a world of bread just waiting to be discovered.

12. Cheats Sheet to 6 Different Cuisines Around the World

Discover the base ingredients of Thai, French, Italian, Spanish, Indian and Mexican cuisines and learn how to capture the flavours in authentic dishes in this useful guide.

13. 34 Desserts Around the World

If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you try the local signature desserts on your travels. From a Cypriate Soushouko to a Mongolian Boortsog, there's a dessert out there with your name on it.

If you're hungry for more, check out our sushi eating tips.


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