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Has Britain Boiled The World's Biggest Egg?

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Has Britain Boiled The World's Biggest Egg?
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It's no yolk!  A chef in Great Britain is serving what is believed to be the world's biggest boiled egg.

The huge ostrich egg, which is the equivalent of 20 normal hen eggs, requires 45 minutes of cooking time. It is being served at as part of a special breakfast at London's posh The Lyttelton restaurant.

Boiling and serving gigantic eggs was the idea of chef Brendan Fylde, who designed the The Lyttelton's ''eggcentric'' breakfast menu in honor of British Egg Week. Customers can enjoy 11 varieties of egg cooked six different ways. The special breakfasts costs  £60.

There's no word yet as to whether Fylde has broken a world record for boiling the world's largest egg.

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