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Introducing The 'Cotton Candy Grape'

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Introducing The 'Cotton Candy Grape'

Witches Fingers grapes (pictured above) are a relatively new variety of red grape created in California by the International Fruit Genetics' - a team of researchers, farmers and scientists who breed new varieties of stone fruits, cherries and grapes.

Their name comes from their long 'witch finger' style shape and apparently these beauties taste much juicier and sweeter than their regular shaped cousins. They're created through cross pollination and breeding of different varieties of fruits and, the LA Times Reports that, across the State of California, there are hundreds of farmers working to produce the next exciting fruit variety.

The team at Fruit Genetics, led by former scientist David Cain, are also responsible for a new variety of witches finger Cotton Candy grape that packs the sweet flavor of cotton candy inside a grape.

We heard about Witches Fingers thanks to Valentina over at Cooking on The Weekends who says the grapes, although very juicy, have the sweet taste of raisins, the LA Times reports that Cotton Candy grapes pack an 'unmistakable sensation of eating a puffy, pink ball of spun sugar.'

It seems that across California teams of scientists are working to cross pollinate many different varieties as they try to create fruits that can compete with the ever growing confectionary market.

Via LA Times & Cooking on The Weekends


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