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WineGlass Turns Wine Menus into Interactive Displays

By FDL on

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WineGlass Turns Wine Menus into Interactive Displays

If you’ve ever been sat staring at a long wine list wondering what the hell you’re going to order, this app is one you need to add to your arsenal.

Called WineGlass the app works simple by turning that menu you’re staring at into an interactive display that will provide all sorts of information about the wine on the list.

Users take a picture of the menu and then simple click on the wine they’re interesting in to see info on tasting notes, recommended price and what the wine will pair well with.

It’s a great companion if you’re looking to learn more about wine or you just want to show off the next time you’re sat at the dinner table.

It costs $6.49 and is currently only available in the Apple App Store.

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