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14 Wine Pairings with Fish and Seafood

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14 Wine Pairings with Fish and Seafood

Fresh fish and seafood are wonderful when enjoyed with wine to match, to enhance the delicate flavours rather than stifling them. And while pairing white wine with fish might be the automatic choice, it might surprise you to learn that some fish can hold its own equally well with a light red, like a pinot noir, with salmon.

The experts over at have collated 14 wine with fish pairings in a handy infographic below which serves as a great starting guide for the inexperienced as well as those looking to break out of their comfort zone.  A breadth of wines are covered ranging from red to rose and across the spectrum of whites, from a crisp and herbaceous sauvignon blanc to sweeter riesling, paired with shellfish to oilier more robust fish. 

Whilst oysters and Champagne are the tried and tested pairing we all know about, perhaps you have yet to try a  bottle of bubbly with some freshly battered deep fried fish and chips? Or tuna with an acidic rose for a match made in heaven?

Take a look and find out some other interesting ideas:

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