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14 Life-Changing Wine Tricks

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14 Life-Changing Wine Tricks

Perhaps you are at a picnic and someone forgot to bring the corkscrew - or worse, it broke. Maybe you've spilled red wine on your new blouse or need to chill a bottle of bubbly in a snap. What's a wine lover to do? Never fear, these 14 life-changing wine tricks are here to save the day.

You'll love this wonderful infographic from Business Insider chock-full of tips for overcoming even the toughest of wine challenges. It offers solutions to vino problems in five distinct categories: 

  • how to open a bottle without a corkscrew
  • how to keep white wine cold 
  • how to store opened wine
  • how to order and buy wine
  • how to remove red wine stains

So next time you find yourself in a pickle give these 14 wine tricks a try. ALSO: Check out these great tips for serving wine like a boss.


Via Business Insider

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