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Wine Label Competitions: a Contest for Wine Lovers

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Wine Label Competitions: a Contest for Wine Lovers

While we’ve been taught never to judge a book by its cover, would you buy a bottle of wine with a drunk Santa Claus on it?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, what’s the prettiest label of them all? Like all other art forms, there are also awards given out to the best-designed wine labels. One of the world’s most highly anticipated and respected is the Brussels Concours Mondial, which even has a prize for the most searched-for label, and the San Francisco Wine Label Competition.

Alongside the success stories, however, there are also many wines singled out for the fact that their labels were created in dubious taste. The ‘Percorsi di Vino’ blog’s top five worst labels list is headed by a Romanian wine whose label depicts vampires in action, uncovered tombs and creates an altogether Dracula-like atmosphere. This is followed by a Spanish bottle of Temprarillo whose label features a photo of a dish along with its recipe. In third place comes the label of a Californian wine called ‘Bloody Good’, in which a ravenous tiger is used to give us an accurate depiction of the idea of blood; in fourth place the ‘Babbo Natale’ wine label shows Santa indulging (‘Merlot! Ho Ho!’), and in fifth place there’s a wine named ‘Fat Bastard’, where the fat bastard in question is the poor hippopotamus printed on the label.

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