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9 Essential Wine Infographics

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9 Essential Wine Infographics
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The world of wine is so huge and complex, it can be a little daunting sometimes, but thankfully we have a series of easy to follow guides to help you improve or brush up on your wine knowledge. 

These 10 useful infographics cover everything from wine body and colour to how long you can actually keep a bottle of wine before its contents are destined for the plughole.

There are tons of great and wine and food pairings too, incuding with cheese, fish, and some you may not have considered before – because what is great wine without great food?

First up, just how long does wine actually last

How much do you know about wine body and colour? Here's a handy guide from Wine Folly.

Here's a brief introduction to the many different types of wine glasses you'll find in restaurants.

Here's a guide to 19 famous wine blends and their grapes


Bring on the fizz!

Wine and cheese is a match made in gastronomic heaven – here are 100+ wine and cheese pairings to try.

And don't forget fish and seafood. 

And here's a broad overview of how to pair wine with food, another great infographic from Wine Folly. 

And finally, here are 15 unusual wine and food pairings you may not have tried. 


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