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15 Unusual Wine and Food Pairings

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15 Unusual Wine and Food Pairings

Here’s a great infographic from Mrgamez, which brings together some unusual wine and food pairings, some of which you may have tried before, others which we have to confess, we hadn’t considered.

Popcorn and chardonnay, chorizo with a sparkling red, and tacos with Barbera s’Alba – there are some interesting combinations on this list and many of them sound as if they could really work. There’s nothing totally 'out there.'

So, how about Brie with Champagne? Both have nutty and floral notes, so why not? Or what about Merlot with French fries? Pop a nice juicy steak on the side and we’re there. We’d give venison and Riesling a try too.

How many of these pairings have you tried? Or maybe you’ve stumbled on a great wine and food pairing that shouldn’t work, but does. Let us know over on our Facebook page.

Wine body and colour explained


View Interactive Version (via Mr.Gamez).


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