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12 Decadent Wine and Cake Pairings

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12 Decadent Wine and Cake Pairings

Sure, coffee goes great with cake. So does milk. But how about pairing that sweet slice with something more interesting. Wine, anyone?

Cake and wine pairings are totally doable, but can be tricky given the sugar content of each element. To make this path easier to navigate we've turned to American wine expert and author Alice Feiring.  

Feiring, who also happens to be an award-winning natural wines specialist, has put together a guide to 12 perfect cake and wine pairings. Here are some of the pairings she recommends:

Cheesecake and Gewürztraminer

Rich, creamy and dense, cheesecake is an indulgent treat best paired with aromatic wines. A glass of gewürztraminer is recommended, as this wine has a fruity flavour and a heavier mouth feel that stands up to the richness in cheesecake. 

Flourless Chocolate Cake and Fortified Wine

The nutty flavour in flourless chocolate cake is further enhanced with a fortified wine such as madeira, which is known for its caramel-like flavour.

Strawberry Shortcake and Sparkling Rosé

Next time you enjoy a slice (or two) of strawberry shortcake pair it with a sparkling rosé. This fruity wine will bring out the flavours of the berries and cream.

Carrot Cake and Ice Cider

The spicy flavours in carrot cake and richness of cream cheese pair beautifully with an ice cider, a fermented beverage made from frozen apples.

More Delicious Cake and Wine Pairings

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