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How to Pair Wine with BBQ Food

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How to Pair Wine with BBQ Food
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A BBQ can be a bit of a free for all: you're piling your plate high with different kinds of meat and fish, and various sides, and maybe not really giving a second thought to pairing your drinks with your food – you choose a drink and tend to stick to it.

But, if you do want to elevate the gastronomical level of your grilling session, then it would be useful to know how to pair wines with what's going on the grill, don't you think?

Here are a couple of graphics from the ever reliable Wine Folly, which show you how to pair wines with grilled meat, poultry and fish. Imagine how impressed your guests will be when they arrive to find you have a whole wine pairing organised?

You just need to make sure you don't burn anything – there are no instructions here for which wines pair best with charcoal. 

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