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Harold McGee on The Science of Salt

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Harold McGee on The Science of Salt

Salt is by far the most used seasoning in almost every style of cooking but why is it so popular? Why is it an ingredient that so many chefs rely on and why is it so evident to us when a dish is lacking salt?

The Mind of a Chef series caught up with the food scientist Harold McGee and asked him to provide a run down on salt and just what it does to our food.

McGee explains that salt makes up one of our five basic flavours and that it also acts to suppress bitter flavours.

One of the most interesting points is about how salt effects the aromas of foods by actually making aroma molecules leave food. He also touches on how salt can be used to moisten and tenderise meats, including what happens when we brine meats.

McGee is a food expert and it’s interesting to hear the scientist discuss something as commonly used as salt. Take a look at the video below and don’t miss this awesome gallery that looks at salt mines around the world.

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