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Why Does Bacon Smell So Good?

By FDL on

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Why Does Bacon Smell So Good?

“mmmm, bacon, lovely, smelly, crispy bacon.” It’s one of the only smells able make you magically rise from your slumber and float slowly downstairs on a cloud of bacon goodness - just like the cartoons.

Bacon tastes amazing, it’s super versatile and it’s easy to cook, however, most will agree, that it’s actually bacon’s smell that makes it so alluring.

This appliance of science from Reactions looks to explain just what makes the smell of bacon so appealing. It explains that the smell of bacons sizzle comes from around 150 organic compounds that make up the rich smell of bacon.

All this combined with the myriad effect and melting fats make for that moorish adour. Here’s the video.

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