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White Strawberries from Japan

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White Strawberries from Japan

Designer fruits can command high prices in Asia, where they are often traded as status symbols or given as luxury gifts – like this $26,000 pair of melons.

These Japanese white strawberries are one such fruit. As grower Yasuhito Teshima explains in the Great Big Story video below, a packet of White Jewels will set you back around $40. That's because they're exteremely difficult to grow and only around one of every 10 makes it to market because of imperfections. So, while they might be great to look at, the amount of waste is wince-inducing.

Apparently they are bred to be bigger and sweeter than traditonal strawberries, and are not to be confused with pineberries, which are akin to white strawberries, but taste of pineapple.

These white strawberries have nothing on these square or heart-shaped watermelons however, which are grown inside special moulds to give them their unique shape. 

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