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White Eggplants - The Dinkier Eggplant Alternative

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White Eggplants - The Dinkier Eggplant Alternative

Tired of boring old purple eggplants? Why not try the dinkier and altogether more striking alternative, the ghostly white eggplant.

Why White Eggplants?

If you've never come across white eggplants the shiny white skinned fruits tend to be smaller than their purple allies, at three to six inches long and egg or pear shaped. The cream white flesh inside also tends to be denser, creamier, milder, less acidic and less bitter, as well as having more seeds. 

While the skin of a white eggplant may be tougher than purple eggplants and should be peeled off before cooking, the dense white flesh makes them better suited to baking, steaming or frying as they can hold their shape better.

Low in calories and containing with nutrients such as potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B-complex and vitamin C you don't miss out on any of the nutritional qualities either.

If you like this, try another exciting eggplant variety: The red eggplant of Rotonda.

Recipes with White Eggplants

White aubergines can be used in recipes, just like purple eggplants. Try this recipe from the NY Times for a smokey white eggplant soup or the Great British Chefs for authoritative advice on how to best prepare aubergines. Or simply try your hand at a comforting eggplant lasagne with lashings of gorgonzola. Delicious.




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