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White Cucumbers: How to Eat these White Wonders

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White Cucumbers: How to Eat these White Wonders

Tired of boring old green cucumbers? Then why not mix up your salad drawer with some striking white cucumbers or "white wonders" instead and add a talking point to your summer salads!

Green cucumber vs white cucumber

When choosing between a standard green cucumber and an ivory white cucumber the difference can seem to be only skin deep.

Some fans report that small white cucumbers can taste sweeter, while others report a more sour or bitter flavour when it comes to the larger white cucumbers.

But as with all fruit and vegetables it's always best to try before cooking, to balance any acididity or bitterness.

White Cucumber varieties

The White Wonder, otherwise known as Albino, Ivory King, Jack Frost, Landreths White Slicing or the long white is an heirloom variety introduced in 1893.

White cucumber Recipe

White wonder cucumbers are perfect in salads or for pickling, marinating or simply eating raw.


If summer says chilled soup to you, you can always try this recipe for white cucumber gazpacho, making a change from the traditional tomato.

If you enjoy Japanese flavours try this "sunomo" salad with cucumber, ginger rice wine vinegar, salt and sugar, another great way to celebrate this ghostly beauty. Find the recipe here.


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