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When To Salt Your Food and Why It Matters

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When To Salt Your Food and Why It Matters
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You don't have to be a world class chef to know salt makes a world of difference in a dish. A heavy hand ruins meals but a light touch makes them fall flat. Understanding how much salt to use is crucial but so is knowing when to salt food during the cooking process.

To prove this point the folks at Cook's Illustrated conducted a series of experiments. They found that adding salt at different moments of the cooking process had drastically different results. Dishes salted at the beginning of the cooking process were perceived as more well-seasoned than those salted at the end of the cooking process.

There are some exceptions to the rule (namely beans) but it seems that seasoning a dish early on is the way to go. So before you head into the kitchen to prepare your next meal check out this video to ensure everything tastes great:

Via America's Test Kitchen/YouTube

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