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Feeling Down? Why You Should Avoid Alcohol (Video)

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Feeling Down? Why You Should Avoid Alcohol (Video)
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A glass of wine is a great compliment to dinner but if you are feeling blue and stressed you may want to skip happy hour.

That's what Keri Glassman, a nutrition and lifestyle specialist, recommends to people who turn to alcohol as a stress reliever. ''Have a drink to celebrate, have a drink to unwind but don't have a drink to save your mood.''

In her video series A Little Bit Better, Glassman explains why even though drinking alcohol in moderation may have medical benefits, turning to booze when you are depressed will only pile on the calories but leave you feeling even more stressed.

If you are down in the dumps, Glassman recommends drinking hot tea, talking to a friend, or doing some form of physical activity. Watch the video to learn more.

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