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What's In Season in January?

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What's In Season in January?

Baby, it's cold outside. That doesn't mean there isn't an abundance of fresh produce to bring to the table. From sweet potatoes and cabbage to pomegranates and oranges, there are plenty of delicious foods to fill your belly in January. Here's a list of 12 fruits and vegetables that are readily available this month in the United States. 


Sweet, earthy and oh-so-good for you, beets are one of the best things January has to offer. Whether roasted, sauteed, grated fresh or pureed into a smoothie (as pictured above), beets offer a nice boost of vitamin C and iron. Find more delicious beet recipes here.


Citrus offers that burst of color, flavor and energy we all need during the winter. Enjoy lemons, oranges, limes and grapefruit fresh or made into juices, salad dressings, healthy desserts (like the one pictured above) and decadent treats like lemon bars. Find more citrus recipes here.


These mini cabbages are delicious roasted, sauteed, deep fried or even thrown into a tasty quiche. Pair them with chestnuts for a luxurious side dish. Choose Brussels sprouts that are bright green with firm heads. Get more tasty Brussels sprouts recipes here.


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