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6 Curries and What's Inside Them

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6 Curries and What's Inside Them

Ever wondered how your favourite curry is made? Many curries have a lot of different ingredients thanks to the mix of spices, so identifying exactly what is inside a curry isn’t always that easy.

This infographic from Lark and Larks takes a closer look at some of the most popular curries, breaking them down into their specific ingredients.

There’s six curries in total: Korma, Tikka Masala, Balti, Rogan Josh, Jalfrezi, Vindaloo. The chart simply explains the tea spoon and table spoon amounts of spices used plus the fresh ingredients.

It’s really east to follow and a nice starting point in understanding exactly what’s inside your curry. If you want to start making some of your own curries at home we have some recipes here.



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