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A Burrito Breakdown - 5 Burritos Explained

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A Burrito Breakdown - 5 Burritos Explained
The world of burritos is varied. With a whole list of burrito styles, fillings, names and flavours, it can be hard to keep up to date on all the burrito options available. 
That’s why this burrito cheat sheet from The Thrillist is so useful. It lays out a five different styles of burrito with a break down of how each one is made. 
From the classic traditional with meat, beans and rice to the San Diego with added salsa and cheese and the California which comes with all of the above plus french fries and guacamole - this is a burrito by burrito breakdown. 
If you’re already a burrito expert, this is no good for you, but if you still have burrito knowledge to acquire then we suggest you take a look. 


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