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10 Reasons to Keep That Pickle Juice

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10 Reasons to Keep That Pickle Juice

Wondering what to do with that leftover pickle juice when you've got to the end of the jar of your favourite dills?

Good news, your pickling fun is not yet done, and it might just surprise you that there's plenty you can do with pickle juice rather than throwing it down the drain.

With all that acidity goodness left there's a whole lot of ideas that'll let you kick up a storm in the kitchen from cocktails to cleaning. Here's a few of our top ideas to get you started.

What to do with Pickle Juice

1. Dressings and Sauces - use in place of vinegar to add tartness to salad dressings, mayonnaise or tartar sauce. Anywhere a hint of acidity is welcome.

2. Cocktails - add a certain je ne sais quoi to your Bloody Mary,

3. To season or poach fish - instead of settling on boring old lemon with fish, try using pickle liquid to add extra interest.

4. Bread - Add a tangy edge to your homemade bread and make sandwiches filled with pastrami and yes, more pickles.

5. Re-pickle - recycle the remaining liquid to get back to work on pickling more eggs or veg

6. To Tenderise Meat - marinade pork, chicken or steak and BBQ for some extra succulent flavoursome meat.

7. Cooking potatoes - add some to the boiling water when cooking potatoes or into a potato salad to give it that extra kick.

Substitute the vinegar for pickle liquid in this vegan potato salad with chives recipe.

8. Pickleback - that's right - drink it neat as a shot, after a whisky shot.

9. Mix a splash of pickle juice into soft white cheese to give it some extra tang.

10. Clean your copper pans till you can see your face in them.

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