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Do You Know What To Do With Elderflowers? Try These Exciting Recipes

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Do You Know What To Do With Elderflowers? Try These Exciting Recipes

Do you know what to do with elderflowers? This delicate yet aromatic blossom is not only beautiful but incredibly delicious when prepared with care and instantly elevates any dish to chic status. Let's learn more about elderflowers.

What are elderflowers?

Elderflowers come from a large shrub common in Europe, North America and Australia. A distinguishing trait is that elderflowers have tiny white petals that are highly frangrant.

These flowers are rich in antioxidants and possess anti-viral properties. Elderflower extract has long been used for medicinal purposes to treat everything from sinusitis and the flu to diabetes and bronchitis.

What can you do with elderflowers in the kitchen?

Of course, there is the classic elderflower liqueur. But these edible flowers offers much more versatility: turn them into jam, syrup and even pancakes.

Here are some exciting ways you can use elderflowers in your cooking:

Elderflower Cordial

This non-alcoholic beverage is the perfect way to cool off on a warm day.

Lemon, sugar, water, citric acid and elderflowers are all you'll need to whip up this tasty drink.

Here is the easy recipe.

Elderflower Fritters

Are you looking for a dish with a wow factor? This is it!

These elderflower fritters have a big impact but are incredibly easy to make. For extra deliciousness, dust them with powdered sugar right before serving.

Here is the awesome dessert recipe.

Elderflower Jelly

This elderflower jelly is the perfect way to liven up any breakfast or tea time.

It is infused with lemon and has an irresistible aroma.

Learn how to make it.

Apple and Elderflower Jam

Make a heavenly jam by combining elderflowers with a hearty fruit like apples. You could also use peaches or pears.

Get the recipe now.

Now that you know what to do with elderflowers you can:

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