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4 Delicious Things To Cook with Squid Ink

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4 Delicious Things To Cook with Squid Ink
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Would you like to incorporate squid ink into your cooking? These gourmet recipes will show you how to make dramatic dishes with the black ink that comes from cephalopods such as octopus and cuttlefish. Perhaps the biggest surprise about squid ink is that it isn't fishy at all - simply rich and flavorful. If you are having trouble locating it just ask your fish monger for help. 

Black Risotto with Seafood (pictured above)

Technically, this decadent Italian rice dish is made with octopus ink which is just as thick and delicious as the squid variety. It's a stunning dish sure to wow your dinner guests.

Black Ribboned Spaghetti and Seafood Carbonara

Want to really kick up classic carbonara? Pair it with this dark and delicious spaghetti made with squid ink. Top it with salmon caviar for an exquisite finish.

Lasagna with Black Squid Ink

This gourmet recipe comes to FDL courtesy of Milanese chef Matteo Baronetto who works at the acclaimed Cracco restaurant. It was inspired by Milan Fashion Week.

Black Sesame and Apple Risotto

Sesame and apple are a powerful duo that gives this creamy rice dish extra oomph. It's a risotto recipe from famous Italian chef Carlo Cracco.

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